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Balloonologists, Belly Dancers, Body Sculpture
Welcome to a Night of Fun
The wonderful World of Magnificent Entertainment

Hello and welcome to the wonderful world of
Magnificent Entertainment.
Where Dreams do come true and they'll happen for you.
Your only limitation is OUR imagination.

Magnificent Entertainment prides itself on being able to cater to your every need. Big or Small, give M.E. a call.

Within our website, you can find a list of some of our corporate clients, and also testimonials of their experience with M.E.

You can also find brief profiles of just some of the many characters and talent that we have in this amazing world of ours.

If you have a particular artist in mind and they don't appear in this presentation, please contact M.E. as our talent database is constantly expanding (any artist you wish for can be arranged subject to their availability).

Actors, Balloonologists, Belly Dancers, Body Sculpture, Clowns, Comedians,
Corporate Theatre, Dancers, Entertainers, Hosts, Fire Tricks, Jugglers, Magician,
Martial Arts Performers, Masters of Ceremony (M.C.s), Meet and Greet Characters,
Models, Motivational Speakers, Physical Art, Scriptwriters, Singers,
Stilt Walkers, Unicyclers, Ventriloquists

Inflatable Castles, Great Slides, and even Fairy Floss Machines. are all great fun...
And if you'd like some great games
try Sumo Wrestling, Boxing or Horizontal bungee to name a few.

Fire Eaters, Clowns, Stilt Walkers, even Fireworks Display can be arranged.
fire eatersflame throwersfireworks displays

Magnificent Entertainment is also known for
its unforgettable theme nights:

theme nights Night of the Comedians Night of the Comedians. Sit down, relax and laugh like you have never laughed before (with the comedians of your choice or use your work employees)
work employees
A Night at the Circus Ringmaster A Night at the Circus. With your own Ringmaster who introduces the artists or employees of your choice and involves the audience whether they like it or love it.
employees audience
Night of the Stars celebrities Night of the Stars. Big name celebrities, or no name celebrities (why not have employees who look like celebrities (well kinda). They sing, they dance, they perform.
look-alike celebrities
Casino Nights Roulette wheels, Blackjack Casino Nights. Roulette wheels, Blackjack, Two Up and so much more.
card entertainment

With a variety of themes.
The roaring 20's The roaring 20's:
Gangsters in pin- stripe suits, with gattaling guns.
balloon tricks
balloon animals Monte Carlo:
James Bond in a tuxedo with his Walther PPK hand gun.
Monte Carlo James Bond
Wild Wild West The Wild Wild West:
Cowboys with ten gallon hats, Lasso's and the mechanical bull.

At Magnificent Entertainment we cater for a huge range of functions and occasions. Anything from shopping centres, conferences, fun staff days, promotions, kids parties, to Hens nights and Conventions. Any artist can be arranged, subject to their availability and your budget.

Meet and greet characters are our specialty. They set the theme and vibe of the occasion or even a one off show can truly make it an event. Motivational Speakers, DJs, Bands, no problem with the help of Magnificent Entertainment.

All performances can be customised to suit your personal needs, whether it be a special theme or a focal point for your organisation.

Remember it's all up to you and M.E.
performances can be customised (Can't find what you are looking for? Try our site map or contact us directly.)

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Inflatable Castles, Great Slides
party favours
Fire Eaters, Stilt Walkers